Birthstone gifts for September

Perfect gifts for September birthdays
There are 7 birthstones to represent the month of September, and we have a great selection for you to choose from. Some obvious, some not so ;) Discover the collection here and give them a beautiful gift they'll treasure forever!
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Sapphire is the most modern of the September birthstones, and whilst our Sapphire Dream collection doesn't feature actual Sapphires, the colours in this collection make it a perfect alternative! Featuring shimmering blues, these handcrafted pieces will delight anyone who loves a bit of sparkle!
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Moonstone is an ancient birthstone for the month of September. A magical stone that is believed to relieve anxiety. We love the Grace moonstone collection, it's a bit of a staple Palenque collection. If you prefer something a bit more statement, then we have you covered with our Monet moonstone pieces too.
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