The art of stacking...

Everyone loves a bangle, wear them alone, or layer them, they're just so easy and versatile!

lattice sterling silver & gold plated bangles

If you're new to the bangle game, then how about our Lattice thin strand bangles. A wave of uneven sterling silver or gold/rose gold plated jewellery. A more delicate design, which is soon given a bit of 'oomph' when you layer 3 of them together. The colour combination is so pretty too, these bangles are a great staple which can be added to other bangles to adorn your wrist too, giving you endless possibilities when it comes to the styling stakes!

Cavalli bangle with lattice thin bangles

For added texture, the Cavalli bangle with its textured finish and oxidised spot detail is a real stand out piece, mixed with the Lattice bangles it lifts this bangle to a more elegant level...

Cavalli bangle rose gold lattice bangle by Palenque Jewellery


Foresta stacking bangles in sterling silver by Palenque Jewellery

The Foresta sterling silver bangles feature so many textural elements, drawing on inspiration from the natural world to produce intriguing shapes and patterns. Worn alone, they are a statement in themselves, layered up you'll have a wrist to be envious of! 

Foresta orla bangle & lattice rose gold by Palenque Jewellery

The beauty of bangles is that you can mix and match them as much as you like, be it texture, colour or material, there is no end to the number of possibilities! This is just a small selection of what we have, there is much more to discover!

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