Palenque offers a unique collection of handmade sterling silver rings.  Choose from a range of designs and styles to suit you. Palenque rings come in a range of sizes or adjustable designs.

If you are unsure of your size or can't find a size, get in touch with us at orders@palenque.co.uk and we'll help you out.

Conversions (Letter to number sizes approx) Diameter is after the letter size (D)

5=K (D)15.6mm | 5.5=L (D)16.0mm | 6=M (D)16.5mm  | 6.5=N (D)16.9mm | 7=O (D)17.3mm | 7.5=P (D) 17.7mm | 8=Q (D) 18.2mm  | 8.5=R (D)18.6mm | 9=S (D)19.0mm  | 9.5=T (D)19.4mm  | 10=U (D)19.8mm | 10.5=V (D)20.2mm | 11=W (D)20.6mm | 11.5=X (D)21.0mm  | 12=Y (D)21.4mm  | 12.5=Z (D) 21.8mm  | 

Allegra Lilac Dream Ring