What does it mean by 'Sterling Silver'?

Palenque silver items have a hallmark '925'. This means that 92.5% is silver, and this percentage classifies it as 'Sterling'. Any product weighing over 7.78 grams will also be hallmarked in Edinburgh.

How can I keep my silver polished?
Due to the nature and softness of the metal, sterling silver pieces that have a highly polished finish are prone to fine scratches as a result of normal wear. This can be kept to a minimum with careful wear and regular polishing with cream silver cleaner (e.g. Peak). It is possible to remove more stubborn scratches with a professional polish, which can be done by any reputable silversmith.

How can I keep tarnishing to a minimum?
Care must be taken not to expose the silver to perfumes, toiletries, household cleaning fluids and perspiration; these may cause the silver to tarnish. If tarnishing does occur the item should be polished with a cream cleaner or dipped in a silver cleaning solution. These can be bought in supermarkets or department stores. All traces of cleaning solution must be rinsed from the item before it is worn again.

What kind of pearls are they?
The pearls used in our designs are cultured fresh/ sweet water pearls. All cultured pearls, whether fresh or salt water, are not imitation. Pearls are formed by sea molluscs and fresh water mussels. The colour of the pearl depends on the type of mollusc and the water. Our pearls include white, grey and pink pearls. Extreme dryness and humidity are detrimental to pearls. All pearls are sensitive to acids, perspiration, cosmetics and hairsprays.

How long is the guarantee?
We have a large variety of pieces in our range. Many are hand crafted. They are all individual and should be treated and cared for as such, according to the material and design. Your jewellery will then almost certainly provide you with many years of enjoyment. It is impossible to specify a guarantee time but you should expect a reasonable period of use from your piece, worn with care and taking reasonable steps to maintain it. 

Do you gift wrap?

 We certainly do! We charge £2.50, all items come in a Palenque box anyway, but should you choose gift wrap, your jewellery will arrive in our very own butterfly wrapping paper which is tied with a ribbon.